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I was always very good at drawing from a very young age and remember early on that I wanted to be an artist, although I never really understood what that really meant. Being born in Albury I’ve always been drawn to the Australian landscape and the outdoors in general. I recall riding up the hill behind our house and being able to see an endless horizon line and I remember how the light glistened across the land like sparkles of magic. It had me in complete awe and from an early age I enjoyed experiencing the different seasons.  


Entering the National Art School straight out of high school for three years was  definitely an eye opener for me and my practical training was completed with an intensive 6 months at the Julian Ashton Art School during my mid-twenties, where I really learnt about colour and composition. The two very differing schools and their approach to painting honed my abilities to handle paint, composition and colour.  


I currently spend most of my time exploring dirt roads in rural NSW, where painting from life has played a critical role in shaping my current style and approach to painting. I rework some paintings in my studio that were painted en plein air to help give me more time to think about my experience outside and how best portray my experience in the work. Using thick brush marks and layers of paint enables me to capture the tough Australian terrain. I want viewers to be able to see and feel the terrain on the surface of my paintings and through my work take them on my adventures and journey into the Australian landscape.


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